Quick and Severe

by Visceral Attack

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released January 1, 2010



all rights reserved


Visceral Attack Ireland

Crossover thrash metal from Fermanagh, Ireland. Speed lethal, weed legal.

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Track Name: Fuck wit VA Day (And Nobody's Celebratin')
Call the cops its Visceral Attack, and you thought we weren’t gonna come back.
You thought we’d make room for the rock stars, but all you can do is total cars.

I hate everyone and everything and I don’t give a fuck what you think.

You’re not the band you think you are, afraid of taking things too far.
If you want trouble you should try more, don’t be afraid of the all out war.
Track Name: Enjoy Your Stay At Guantanamo Bay
Try to demolish human rights, take them away out of sight.
The torture tactics of our time, harbouring shit you fucking slime.

Cult strikes terror. Enjoy your Stay at Guantanamo Bay

Best take them out of your streets, none of your laws you will mean,
What an incredible display from America, the ‘world police.’
Track Name: Spikedeath (Death by Spikes)
Fighting for pride to be the best, for more than a prize, for more than death.
You face defeat, excruciating pain, when the spikes impale you against the grain.

Down square uppercut, in the pit now you’re fucked. Finish him.

Sharpening your skills you must win, or die in battle when your body gives in.
Plant your feet, throw your hands, listening to the world’s fastest thrash metal band.

Mortal Kombat, risking your life, Mortal Kombat, the ultimate pride.
Mortal Kombat, risking your life, Mortal Kombat you will die by spikes.
This is Mortal Kombat, expect to die.
Track Name: Money in the Bank
Idiocy the number one policy for profit, our system that was never designed to stop this.
And it means that we’ve only got you to thank, but it doesn’t matter to you, you’ve got money in the bank.

7 trillion (yeah right).
You cripple our economy for power and greed, typical of our enemies now it’s not so hard to believe.
Our best interests (fuck you).
You bring society’s wealth direct to the palm of your hand, you have total control, but it’s more than I can stand.

Now you see, we all know, what you have done.
Track Name: FxTxNxSxBxMx (Fuck the National Socialist Black Metal)
What makes you so fucking different, where is you high distinction?
Are you ready for my intention? I’ve just ran out of patience.
I’m gona rip your fuckin eyes out and call it the one man genocide, and rip your right hand off if you raise it one more time.

Impose. Expose. Dethroned. You’ve failed.

This is what I call aggression, this is the war infection.
All lives are now paralysed, no room to forgive or sympathise.
This is no laughing matter and it’s time to choose sides, if I see your pathetic symbols I’ll skin you alive.
Track Name: Special Brewtality
Gonna get myself a brew, gonna kick shit out of you.
Get a beer down your neck, your face is next.
Beat you like a dead horse, everybody else is worse.
Separated from my senses, I never wanna wake up.

Beer goggles come off, when I could get sucked off.
Where does he get the cash, steal shit from my stash.
We’re up to get drunk, time to waste these cunts.
Right down the alleyway, drink this shit all day - drink this shit all day.
Track Name: The United States of Europe
Throw away your culture for simple convenience.
Substitute your rightful choice for blind obedience.

You must conform. You must agree.

Let greed decide away, without knowing what it means. No time to fault you when it only leads to referendum 3.
Track Name: Crime is of the Essence
Did recession really put you here? Seems to me you just want something to fear.
In the old days you wanted war, nowadays you just want more.

Crime of the wretched and the poor, destroying society, what for?
Crime is of the essence, its time you learned your lesson you fucker.

Blaming your crime on the economy, these are the excuses that you give to me.
What is it you want me to believe? I refuse to excuse this insanity.
Track Name: To Those Responsible... We're Coming For You
Jacks head smashed open in his car, Connolly’s shoulder and wrist are also hit by the dart.
7 wounds from one mysterious bullet, people are screaming Oswald’s the one that done it.

Kennedy is the goal, no one can ever know. Assign a scapegoat and then we'll cut his throat.

We know who you are, we know you’ve gone too far.
We will never forget and we’re coming to collect.

Buildings fall straight down in the city, while the real criminals are off without any pity.
Thousands killed doing their jobs, while the US administration is playing god.

To those responsible, we’re coming for you.
Track Name: Eye of the Beerholder
I’m gona get fucked when I drink all this beer, bitches and sluts have beer eyes to fear.
Groping that shit whenever it comes near, drinking beer as if it was a career.

Beer x a load.
Track Name: Cop = Cunt
Michael Scuse you are the enemy, you are what has destroyed decency.
All hope in the law is fucked, the cops are a gang I’ll never trust.

Cowards protecting nothing.
Upholding no law.
Fuelling only corruption, and in turn resistance.

Abusing your power for ulterior motives - didn’t you think the world would notice.
While you look down your gun, it’s time for you to know your time is done.
Track Name: Hits from the Kong
Infiltration of the unknown station, hidden from humanity.
Impossible to make this work, to bring him across the sea.
At this hour, I’ve gone too far, this is not where I belong.
I’m running as fast as I can but I cannot stop King Kong.

Hits, hits, hits from the Kong.
Kong, Kong, hits from the Kong.

Demolition of this mission, smashed into grind and weed.
You will die you should have listened, but not to your undying greed.
Setting sun, you should have run, now you know your limits.
You should have turned around, and now you’re finished.